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The Big One

What’s the first thing you think of when faced with a brief of how to communicate The Orbit Group’s values to staff and residents?

How do we promote that customers come first? Let’s think…

Firstly it needs impact, a way that everyone will take notice of, a memorable campaign. Solution… simple a 7ft number one!

Covered in a printed vinyl jacket with a graphic collection of residents pictures, the group’s values and the campaign message of ‘Putting our Customers First’. Made of foam, 3ft wide and 2ft deep and not only one of them but 18 of them distributed throughout the UK.

Located within reception areas at key offices – providing a talking point and a daily reminder to staff. One of the models was also used as the main focal point at the Group’s Leadership conference.

Gemma Fallon – Communication Manager said
“Love them or hate them it certainly got staff talking – which has been far more effective than any other internal campaign the Group has ever promoted”.

The Customer First programme is being promoted externally to residents so no doubt the ‘1’s’ will be out in force at resident events around the country.

Other supporting material included posters, screen saver, DVD and coasters.

Picture shows Paul Tenant, Orbit Group Chief Executive next to one of the 1’s

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